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Job Minasalvas is a fun, optimistic young man who would like to get his Bachelor of Theology degree. From 2001 to 2003 he served as a missionary in Korea. I met him there and due to his humility and sense of humor we became friends. While in Korea, Job taught English, was a dean in a high school boys' dormitory and played an active part in missionary work leading both formal and informal bible studies and worship programs. When he wasn't teaching or actively witnessing, Job played the guitar, wrote his fiancee (now wife) Jhen and played basketball with his friends.

After returning from his missionary work in Korea, Job married Jhen and they continued missionary work in the mountains of their home country, The Philippines. After a few years of missionary work, Job knows it is time to finish his formal education. He needs 51 credits, or about 17 courses  to finish his Bachelor of Theology degree.



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